Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Art Means to Me

What is art? Art can be many things. Art goes beyond just being pictures, painting, drawing, coloring, etc. Putting on make up is an art, hot rolling your hair is an art. Learning something new is an art. There are many arts. Art is history, it is expression, it's understanding and reality.  Anything that provokes thought is an art. People of different color respecting each other, becoming friends, being loving, realizing that our difference are what make each of us unique... that is an art.

Before we can love others, we must love our self. Before we can respect others, we must learn how to respect our self first. How we view other people, how we treat them and the relationships we choose to have our based on the decisions we make. "We attract people that are like us. Not just in terms of romantic, sexual/physical attraction. We attract them metaphysically - these people tend to turn up in our lives." (2013)

Why you must first love yourself. (2013). Retrieved from

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