Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

1.)    The National Bullying Prevention Center
I chose this National organization because it has a lot of excellent information and resources on their website. It offers videos, stories, news, and websites for children/parents, and it also has a petition. There is a link on the website that offers a list of Community events as well. They even offer run, walk, and roll events across the county. It’s a wonderful website that helps bring people together within communities and make something negative into something positive.

The National Bullying Prevention Center has many job opportunities available. Some jobs that are being offered that interest me are: ICAN- which is motivational speaking, blue shirt day and unity day. I’d also be interested in being a part of the Youth Crisis line and the Committee for Children.

The skills and experience I would need to competently fulfill each of the roles above would be to have experience working with people, being a good communicator, having a positive outlook on life/experiences, and have interpersonal skills.

2.)    Stomp Out Bullying- A National Anti-Bullying and Cyber Bullying Organizations for Kids and Teens
I chose this National organization because it’s popular, has very informative information and plenty of resources for parents/teachers/children regarding bullying. My favorite thing about this website is that it offers a link titled “Ways to Help” and it shows pictures of actors/actresses stomping out bullying by them being a part of the organization which is wonderful and inspirational to see. This website offers a helpline for children/teens that need it. “Stomp Out Bullying works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyber bullying, and other forms of abuse in schools and online communities across the country.” (McGowan, 2013)

The National Anti-Bullying and Cyber Bullying Organization did not list any job opportunities on their website but there are a few jobs I’d love to be a part of. I would love to be a part of the teen/youth line to give advice to the youth on bullying and to make a difference.

The skills and experience I would need to competently fulfill each of the roles above would be great communication skills, getting along with others, being educated on the topic of bullying, and be willing to speak to children about their personal feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc.

3.)    Stars: Nashville: Students Taking a Right Stand: “STARS exists to serve schools and communities by providing prevention, intervention and treatment services addressing bullying, substance abuse, violence and social and emotional barriers to success.” (Helix, 2013) This seems like a great organization that has such a wonderful and inspiring purpose. I like the organization helps with many other things and is not limited to just bullying.

On the website they do offer a link to apply for employment. The positions available depend on each state. I clicked on “Corporate Office” positions and there were none available. It didn’t seem like they had many positions open even though they offered that link on the website to apply for a job.

If any job opportunities were available, the skills and experience I would need to competently fulfill each of the roles would be to: Have experience working with people, must have great communication skills, be educated on the topics they serve in and be willing to make a difference in the lives of others.


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  1. Wow good job finding interesting unique National organizations to support eliminating bullying. I would be honored to be apart of any of these organizations.

  2. Stacy,

    I love how the organizations you found are not only nationwide but are also all against bullying which will help you in your capstone project endeavors. I may have to look into this organizations further and see how to become a part. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome! The job listings and choices get more and more interesting. There are so many different areas we qualify for until it is just mid blowing. Bullying is a subject that deserves a lot of attention. So many children are being bullied and educators are not educated on the topic enough to pick up on the signs so that they can get the help needed to intervene in any potential tragedy.

  4. Stacy,
    Wow on the resources you found! I loved learning new resource for bullying. These are very honorable resources. It would be amazing to be part of these organizations as a member or a person of position who help support and run these programs. Thank you for sharing them!