Saturday, December 17, 2011

Examining Codes of Ethics

Three ideals contained in the NAEYC and DEC code of ethics that are meaningful to me are: 

1. To recognize and respect the unique qualities, abilities, and potential of each child. This is significant to my professional life because I feel that every teacher has different qualities that makes them who they are in and out of the classroom. Effective teachers really care about the well-being of their students and should always love and care for their students, respect their qualities, abilities, and potential of each child. It's vital for teachers to realize that every child is different, they all have different learning styles, all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of being raised which affects their behavior, attitude, how they learn, etc. Children need to feel loved; children that are respected do feel loved.

2. To create and maintain safe and healthy settings that foster children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development and that respect their dignity and their contributions. This is ideal for my professional life because it's important that all children feel safe in their environment, especially their school environment. Students should feel comfortable in school because it's a place they attend five days a week and it's where they learn and meet other people. For some children, school is an outlet to get away from abuse, negativity, parents drug habits/alcoholism abandonment at home, etc. With that being said; it's our job as professional educators to make sure our students feel welcome and safe at school.

3.To support the right of each child to play and learn in an inclusive environment that meets the needs of children with and without disabilities. As an effective teacher I find it important to support the right of each of my students to play and learn in a comfortable, inclusive, safe environment that meets their needs weather they have disabilities or not. There are many different ways children can learn but a lot of children learn by playing. When children play they learn about themselves and their surroundings, they learn to solve problems and learn how to get along with others.


  1. I can relate to what you said about a safe environment. I had a student last year who would lash out and be very angry just before a long weekend or a break like winter, spring or summer break. He was very unhappy at home and wanted to be at school where he felt safe and cared for. It broke my heart to send him away at the end of the day just before a break, knowing that he was anxious about it and that he wanted to be here.

  2. Thank you for sharing the codes that were important to you. I find that these are important too, even though they are not the ones that I chose. Ensuring that a child has a healthy learning environment and that they are always treated with respect is very essential to providing quality care for children

  3. Stacy, we chose very similar codes! It is so important to recognize that children are not all clones of each other. I am happy to hear that you are such an effective teacher, and are applying these codes in your classroom.

    you mentioned safety in the classroom, and i agree with your comments. I want to add that it continues on a much deeper level too: from making sure potentially dangerous items are out of reach, the quality of building materials used or even the quality of staff members and other individuals working nearby.

  4. I love what you said about making sure that school is a safe environment. Like you said it is an outlet for some students from other things that may be happening at home. It is great that we can offer children a safe place to go. Sometimes the signs are clear that the children need this environment but there are some that do not allow us to see that there is a problem at home. We cannot assume that they are all coming from a great place. But we can offer a great place to allow them the space and opportunity to learn and develop, socially, and emotionally.

  5. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great posts on your blog. I like your pictures, and the thorough information you provided.

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I too have enjoyed getting to know you through your discussion and blog postings. You have continued to maintain a wonderful blog throughout this course and I enjoyed the insights you provided with each posting. You have demonstrated your love and passion for the field of early childhood and I wish you all the best as you continue on as a professional in the field!

  7. Stacey, I have loved visiting your blog during this course. You truly are a huge asset to the early childhood education field. I am not sure if our course work will require that we keep blogging but I would advise that you take the time to keep inspiring those who may come across your blog. You have the opportunity to raise awareness for some of the most important people. Our children need us to be the voices for them and you can use this blog as a way to do so. Again I have enjoyed visiting this blog and will continue to do so as time goes on. Good luck in your studies.
    God bless...

    Monique V. Wilson