Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Course Resources

Required Resources:
Part 1: Position Statements and Influential Practices

Part 2: Global Support for Children’s Rights and Well-Being

Note: Explore the resources in Parts 3 and 4 in preparation for this week’s Application assignment.

Part 3: Selected Early Childhood Organizations

My personal Resources:
Nourot, P. (2007, May). Play in the early years: Key to school success. Retrieved from 

Messages for parents: Talking to children about diversity. (n.d.). Retrieved from|6|15|90&id=0|talking_to_children_about_diversity

Gonzalez, V. (2009, September 22). Young learners, diverse children: Celebrating diversity in early childhood. Retrieved from 

Positive discipline. (2000, April 20). Retrieved from


Quotations about education . (2011, September 05). Retrieved from 

Jay, T. (2008). When young children use profanity: How to handle cursing and name calling. Retrieved from 

Russell, K. (2009, October 14). Child abuse: when family courts get it wrong. Retrieved from 

Adams, M., Foorman, B., Lundberg, I., & Beeler, T. (2011). Phonemic awareness in young children. ReadingRockets, Retrieved from



  1. I liked your choice of personal references. I want to thank you for sharing the articles that you have posted. I am particularly interested in the article When young children use profanity. I have dealt with this issue before and feel this article will offer me some help if it is to arise again.

  2. I really liked the website on positive disciple. That has been a goal of mine over the past year. I did not have the best guidance when I first began working with children and while I never did anything to physically hurt them, I have come to realize that my words can be just as damaging. I have taken a strong approach to changing the way I disciple and I have seen a huge difference in the students. This website has offered some reassuring comments that let me know that I am doing something right.