Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharing Web Resources

The website that I have been navigating through for the past few weeks is the: ZERO TO THREE WEBSITE. There are many links offered on the website for parents and teachers and a lot of informative information that has definitely been useful for me over the past few weeks and that will benefit me in my career as a teacher. Not only as a teacher but as a parent as well.

Some of the outside links that I have not yet explored are: The Public Policy Link, they offer a "Download of the week" which I have yet to look at, and I have not been to the Military Family Projects link. The public policy link lead me to two paragraphs that explained what the public policy was for Zero to Three and information about their policies and it also provided me with six links: The Action Center, Building Early Childhood Systems, Federal Policy,  Infant-Toddler Policy Issues, Policy Guide, and a link to the State and Community policy article. Each link brought me to a new page where there was even more and more resources and articles to read. LOTS OF GOOD INFORMATION! The download of the week was titled "Your Child's Development". It talked about things your child can do such as feed themselves, walk, and scribble and it also provided facts about things that parents can do such as encourage your child to use his fingers/hands, and ask your child questions. It was definitely worth the read- for any teacher/parent!
  When I clicked on the Military family projects link I learned that the Zero to Three organizations works to support military families. "We work to increase awareness and collaboration throughout the military community so that parents and professionals can more effectively care for very young children and their families." ("Military family projects," 2012)

I decided to thoroughly search one area of the website. The part of the website I chose to search was: Maltreatment: Child Abuse and Neglect. It offers me a pargagraph of information on abuse and neglect and two different resources at the bottom of the page that I can click on.

I do receive a newsletter from the Zero to Three Website but since joining the website, I have only received a total of two newsletter. One of the issues that I have been following on the newsletter is: Spotlight on:  Making the Most of Your Child’s “Language Explosion” I was instantly interested in this article because I have a 21 month old who doesn't say a lot of words yet. I even took her to the Pediatrician at 19 months to see if this was normal or not because I was so concerned she should have been talking by now. Reading this article was very re-assuring. It made me realize that children are not always going to pronounce things the right way, they are going to make a lot of mistakes in language and it's completely normal, especially for young children. The article also provided information for parents/teachers and things they can do to help improve their child's/students speech/language. I LOVED this section of the newsletter! Since receiving this newsletter and reading this article; I have not yet seen any new information on the topic.

The website does provide a link and has very limited information about equity. The website has a search bar where you can type in anything you want and it will let you know if it has what you typed in. I typed in "Equity" and I came across one little page that had information on equity. You can see it here:

On the Zero to Three website I have been reading about the importance of promoting and supporting early brain development. This is the newest information I have gained this week. It offers information on children from 2 months all the way up to 36 months.  

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  1. Hi there! I just LOVE the information on brain activity in infants and toddlers. That was one of my favorite classes earlier on in my education. I just find it interesting what they learn and how.

    Good job!
    Cortnee :)

  2. I found the information from "Making the Most of Your Child’s “Language Explosion” very interesting as well. I had a similar concern as you about my son when he was 21 months old. But a few months later he really did have a language explosion. He is not two and a half and speaks in complete and very clear senetences. It was as if one day he woke up and decided to start talking! I'm sure she will do the same thing!!