Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting to Know Your International Contacts—Part 3

My international contact sent me this in regards to the questions I asked her for this week's assignment:

I found this document that i think can be very helpful. Obviously like i said before, Italy is having a hard time between the government crisis and the economy so especially when it comes to a stable job- things are not well here....I have a diploma in graphics and I'm a certified nurse assistant. I did graduate from cosmetology school...still at 34 years old I'm cleaning houses and baby sitting and doing pretty much everything I can to make a living. My resume is remarkable, I have letters of recommendations but it is very hard to find a stable job. Factories, company franchising store....if you are lucky enough to get hired and not discriminated by your age and all, they put you on a contract that is temporary and the after a year top, the contracts ends and you have to start everything all over again. My goal is to find a job that actually gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and still satisfies me and gratifies me, a job that gives me independence and financial stability. My hopes and cut the ties that are still holding me back to my ex because also law is a great deal especially when you have a child that has dual citizenship. I got so much on my plate that really at this point I just want to be content with my significant other and my daughter. Here are some links I found that might be helpful in your research and education.

Links that my international contact thought might be helpful:


  1. Wow Stacy! That's amazing that your contact is having such a hard time. It's very sad but I am glad that they are continuing to search for the things that will be worth the hard work.

    Take care,
    Cortnee :)

  2. Wow. Her situation is very unfortunate. Her message here did not portray that she is at all involved with the educational system is Italy...Is se?