Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final Blog Assignment

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” –Eleanor Roosevelt

 Three consequences of learning about the International early childhood field for my professional and personal development are:
1.)  Realizing that although I have a passion for being around and working with children in a classroom setting; it does not mean everyday is going to be a wonderful day. Being a teacher has MANY challenges and being a teacher is not always pleasant. There are going to be children that have developmental issues, children and families that live in poverty, children that come from abusive households, children and families that come from different countries and who don't understand or speak English. (Just to name a few challenges.)
2.) After all the researching I did throughout this class, it was brought to my attention that teacher salaries are not great. They are considered "Low income." This is quite discouraging and one consequence of learning about the early childhood field in general. 

3.) In learning about International child care, one of the consequences has been just reading about and gaining knowledge on all the negatives of working in the field. Some of these children/families stories are heartbreaking. It makes you realize that being a teacher is not always pleasant and it makes you truly think about what you would do if you were to be in a certain situation; how would you handle it? Could you handle it? Often times, reading about all the information that goes with the field can often change someones mind on working in this field. For me, it has only encouraged me to want to continue learning more and it makes me look forward to being a teacher and helping children and families in anyway that I can.
One goal for the field related to international awareness of issues and trends and the spirit of collegial relations:  Continue doing research, continue gaining knowledge in this field, never stop learning and keep informed on the latest information/news regarding the early childhood field.


  1. Hello Stacy.
    You are so right having passion for our children in a classroom setting does not mean you will have a great day everyday. As teachers we don't have the best salary around but we have the best heart and that's when the passion steps in and allows you to teach from the heart not for the salary.
    Best wishes and Good luck on your career.

  2. Learning that although you love your job, not every day is going to be wonderful is a hard lesson to learn. I remember a few years ago, I had a very rough class and I wanted to quit teaching because of it. You just have to push through and remember that it isn't always perfect.