Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Personal Research Journey

My chosen topic for the simulation is CHILD OBESITY/THE EFFECTS OF CHILD OBESITY.  I chose to write about and study this topic because I feel it's such an important topic and a lot of time the problem goes ignored by many. Child obesity and the effects of child obesity are such a major problem all around the world;  especially in America.  I find that this topic is very crucial to learn more about. As a Mommy and a future educator, I want to become more knowledgeable on the topic and help prevent this problem in anyway that I can. 

I was never obese as a child but I remember going to school with many friends/children that were obese. Even today.. I see it often and it just breaks my heart to see so many children suffering through this disease. I was at my OBGYN appointment last week and in the waiting room was a mother, a father, and a little boy (No older then two years old) he was obviously obese, he was panting as he breathed and I believe his weight had affected his speech in a way. What was his parents giving him to eat in order to keep quiet while waiting? A big bag of peanut M & M's. I'm sitting there in the waiting room watching this family (Not making it too obvious that I felt bad for the child) not being judgmental, but just asking myself why couldn't they have brought their son an apple, a yogurt, or even a string cheese? Why don't parents choose healthier foods for their children? I can't fathom that. It's simple... the effects of child obesity are harsh. Are parents to blame? Is it the child's fault? Should parents of obese children be classified as negligent parents? I have seen firsthand the effects of child obesity.... they are no fun.

Insights that I have gained this week have been how to conduct research, I have learned some new definitions in our required readings/book for the course, and the more I research about child obesity, the more I learn about it! 

Friends... classmates... do you have any advice or insight that might help me with this process and/or with this course? I'd appreciate any resources you're willing to share with me! I have posted some great links to websites on child obesity that I plan on using throughout the course in regards to this specific topic!

Helpful links on child obesity:


  1. Stacy,
    I very much appreciate the fact that you are so concerned about childhood obesity. From my initial thoughts, I would think the fault lies with the parents! The children don't often choose the foods they eat. They eat what they are given. When I was working on my BS, we had a group project that discussed childhood obesity. I think you will find it very interesting! Good Luck!

  2. Stacy,
    I think the topic you chose to research reperesents a huge issue of our society. I come from a different culture, where eating habits are completely different from those here in United States, and I was unpleasantly surprised about the percentage of obese children in this society today. I hope you will come across some interesting information while doing the research, which will expand your professional knowledge.