Saturday, September 22, 2012

Research that Benefits Children and Families—Uplifting Stories

A positive example of the effects of research on children can be read on the web. I read an article titled " Working Moms’ Kids Turn Out Fine, 50 Years of Research Says" written by Belinda Luscombe. The article discussed the ways in which children grew up just fine when they had mothers who had to work. There were little to none behavioral problems.  Researchers did find positive associations.

I feel that research on children gives us the opportunity to be more knowledgeable on topics. It allows us to read on the topic we are interested in/learning about so we can teach others what we know and make a difference/help others. There are positive effects on research on children. There will always be negative effects of research but there will be positive effects of research on children as well. There are many articles out there that are positive and that show professionals/parents the positives to a topic/subject such as the one I listed above.


Luscombe, B. (2010, October 18). Working moms’ kids turn out fine, 50 years of research says read more:


  1. Stacy, I agree that there are many good things that have happened because of research. Research almost acts as a guide in a way that we learn what it is that we need to do to get a certain outcome. Research definitley has its rewards.

  2. Stacy- I also agree that research can benefit our children. Working mothers are phenomenal women. I was a child of a single mother. She worked hard for what we had, and I only hope that someday I can be as strong and as fantastic of woman as she is.