Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When I Think of Research...

What insights have you gained about research from taking this course?
I have gained a lot of insights about research from taking this course. Some of the things I have learned are: The Research Process & the steps to take in order to begin research, I can narrow down general research topics to related subtopics, I can identify and define specific terms and concepts regarding research, I can explore and share information about the early childhood field, and I can create a simulated research study online along with other things too!

In what ways have your ideas about the nature of doing research changed?  

Research to me was always "Very easy" and complex. Now I know there is a whole lot more to research then I ever realized. It's definitely complicated and not as easy as I thought it would be. There are many steps needed to be taken in order to research that I was never aware of before.

What lessons about planning, designing, and conducting research in early childhood did you learn?  

I've learned that planning, designing, and conducting research in early childhood is very time consuming. It is also a lot of information to take it and absorb. One of the main things that stood out to me in this course was the difficult definitions and terms that were difficult to understand. Understanding research and everything that comes with it is not as simple as I thought.

What were some of the challenges you encountered—and in what ways did you meet them? 

The biggest challenge for me was understanding a lot of what was said in the textbook and trying to understand and comprehend definitions to terms that were listed in the textbook. I did my best in reading the material and trying to make a list of definitions on index cards to memorize the definitions. This tended to help quite a bit.


What are some of the ways your perceptions of an early childhood professional have been modified as a result of this course?

Early childhood professionals do not have an easy job/career. There is a lot more to the early childhood field than we know before going into these types of courses. It's so important for teachers and professionals to stay up to par on things on in the field and one of the best ways to keep yourself updated is to research and read articles.



  1. Hi Stacy, I agree that the definitions definitely confused me for a minute.I never thought about using index cards, but that was a great way to learn the definitions. I had trouble with the methedological triangulation and theory triangulation. Also, the entire process was very scary to me in the beginning. I took the suggestions of Dr. Davis and that helped me alot with my outline. I wish you much success and really enjoyed your input in the class discussions.

  2. Hi Stacy, I really like how you broke down what you have learned in this course about research. We did learn a lot in how to deal with the overwhelming part of doing a research study.

    Glad to have had a chance to chat with you this course!

    Take care,
    Cortnee :)