Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog: My Family Culture

If major catastrophe hit and completely devastated the infrastructure of my country and I had to move to a completely different country and bring three things with me (Excluding my family/children and strictly just three material items) I would bring: 

1.) A HUGE photo album of all my friends/family/children.

2.) An unlimited supply of paper, pens, and postage stamps so I could write to my friends and family; keep in touch with loved ones.

3.) My digital camera so I could capture beautiful places in the different countries that I’ve never been and even capture run-down places so when I visit America and visit my friends and family I can show them where I’ve been!

I would explain to others that each of these items means a great deal to me and I’d let them know why. I cherish my photo albums because inside are wonderful memories of me, my family, my friends, my children. They are memories that I always want to be reminded of and never want to forget.
Everyone that truly knows me knows that I have a significant passion for writing/pen paling so that would explain my interest in bringing paper, pen, and postage stamps with me. If I wasn’t able to write, I’d lose a huge part of who I am as an individual. I never want that part of me to be taken away. It has helped shape me into the person I am today.
My digital camera holds significant meaning to me because I have such an immense passion for photography. I love capturing photos of my family and children and even nature. There is something special about taking pictures that I just love!

My feelings, upon arrival, if I was told that I could only keep one personal item and give up the other two items would make me completely heartbroken. To be moving to a different country, somewhere I’ve never been and having to move away from my family would be tough enough; that in itself is devastating news. Having to choose between the three items after being told what I’d have to give up and do to move forward after this devastation would truly be challenging.

As a result of this exercise I did gain some insight about myself, my family culture and cultural differences in general. By doing this exercise it made me realize how important some material things can be but more importantly how family and friends are. If I was forced to move away from everyone I loved and cared about it would destroy me. Even just the thought of losing my loved ones or being far away from them is heart wrenching for me. I don’t even like to think about it. It makes me want to re-evaluate what I feel is important and not take those I love for granted. I am a realist and I know that anything can happen at any time. I really do like to count my blessings every single day! This exercise made me realize that everyone is different and there are many people in the world who have a different culture/language/religion, etc. than I do. With that being said, I’m proud to be me! I’m proud to be a Caucasian who lives in the United States but at the same time I know how to accept and respect people of different cultures, languages, religions, lifestyles, etc.


  1. I feel the same way. When I was told I could only have one time, it felt as though you were taking away that memory. That I was losing a part of myself. This is something that was important to me. Really great post.

  2. Stacy,
    Right away I saw that this exercise would be difficult for you especially when you had to eliminate two items. I can see that you adore your family and many family things are important to you. Yes it would be “heart wrenching” to you but remember, no matter where you are and whatever you go through, you always have enough to start all over again. I can see that you love people and that you would embrace a different culture. Good post!