Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Competant Communication

Who demonstrates competent communication within a particular context? 

I feel like my Mother in law demonstrates competent communication with a particular context. She is 62 years old and very old fashion (But in a good way of course) and she speaks very proper. She uses and follows specific words and passages when speaking.

What behaviors does this person exhibit that make him or her effective? 

My mother in law uses eye contact when speaking, always has and uses proper posture when communicating. She is always very respectful, a good listener, doesn't ever ininterrupt someone when speaking, never degrades others and will only voice her opinion and/or give advice in a positive manner

Would you want to model some of your own communication behaviors after this person? Why or why not? 

Yes, I would want to model some of my own communication behaviors after my mother in law. She is a great role model and is such a wonderful and positive influence in so many ways but especially when it comes to communication. I do and have modeled some of her communication behaviors before and continue to do so. She has made an impact in my life, especially when it comes to communication. I used to be very afraid to talk on the phone for many reasons. She got me liking to talk on the phone and now I'm comfortable using it thanks to her. I no longer have fears of talking to people on the phone. That's HUGE for me. I look forward to learning so much more from her and whatever I do learn communication wise I plan to share it with my friends and colleagues! :-)




  1. Stacy it sounds like your mother in law is a rare one. I love that you have model some of your communication skills from hers. I rather talk on the phone than in person.

  2. Stacy,
    Your mother-in-law sounds like a lovely woman! I especially like that she is a positive person and waits to offer opinions until asked. This is a very important skill I think because some do not like to have suggestions made about what they should do. I also think good eye contact is key!
    Marie Walkow

  3. Wow! I need her skills. I have learned much over the years. I think I have learned much in this first week of this class along with humbling myself this year and changing careers.

    Thank you for your positive input.